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We are fully aware that educating is much more than teaching. That is why our Educational Project is based on four fundamental aspects: curricular development, language training, technology use and emotional intelligence mastery.


Purpose, Principles and Values

To educate and train free, independent people, with a critical spirit and strong comprehensive education, with the values, skills and knowledge necessary to face the challenges of a globalised world. Humanitas strives to create an adequate socio-affective framework in the school.

Learning Styles


Students, as the core of the teaching-learning process, must be respected and properly cared for in their personal and educational needs, taking into account the knowledge and skills they already possess.

Critical and constructive

Starting from an open and global vision of the world around them, students develop a critical and creative spirit with intellectual curiosity.


Working as a team, students achieve individual and shared learning objectives and goals, taking responsibility for their own development as well as that of other team members. Teachers take on the role of directing, dynamising or guiding the process, with the students being the protagonists at all times.


By developing their emotional intelligence, students are able to identify and manage their own and others' emotions, enabling them to develop a suitable socio-emotional environment..

Learning Method


Flipped Classroom


Project-based, problem-based, through play, learning by teaching, learning by doing


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